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I enjoy being creative and I’m very practical. That is how Yip Creative started. I wanted my favourite photos on my fridge without it falling off and getting ruined. I started making my own fridge magnets, followed by making it for friends and family, shortly after Yip Creative turned into a side-line business.

When I started teaching Ceramic Classes, it made sense to expand Yip Creative, thus Yip Ceramics was born. I love to beautify my environment and share my knowledge. I'm looking forward to teaching more people ceramics and launching a décor range.

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Yip Ceramics Studio

Yip Ceramics is a fully equipped pottery studio, where we focus on hand-building projects. All materials are included and no experience is needed. We use Earthenware paperclay, underglaze paints and oxides. Groups are kept small for individual attention.

Each person works at their own pace and on projects of their choice. The main goal of Yip Ceramics is to create a safe space for a person to express their emotions through clay and experience the joy of working with clay. Each person is encouraged to make something they truly want to and not just an idea copied off the internet, or for somebody else. The creative process helps a person rediscover their own voice and is a great confidence booster.

Yip Ceramics Studio
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Yip Ceramics Students Work
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